August 25, 2016


WARNING: Do NOT leave this website until you have read EVERY word!

It is crucial to your financial success and your future as a homeowner…

Are you sick & tired of making your landlord rich? Tired of going to work everyday knowing that a major portion of your paycheck is going to pay your landlord’s mortgage – which eventually creates wealth and financial freedom for his family, and not yours?

You’re not alone!

When surveyed most renters felt they worked too hard for the their money to have nothing to show for it. Most renters complained that they were sick and tired of simply making rent payments that in turn pay their landlord’s mortgage. At the end of the day the landlord becomes rich using their hard earned money.

I know what you may be thinking – “I can’t buy a home, I have bad credit, or I don’t have enough money for a down payment.”  We are the answer you’ve been looking for. We specialize in helping renters affected by the tightening of the mortgage & credit requirements due to the credit crisis and mortgage meltdown.  We help you not to just become homeowners, but successful homeowners.  The wealth gap in this country is widening and home ownership is not a “Right”,  but it’s a “Privilege”, that cannot be taken for granted.  Right now home prices and interest rates are at an all-time low, and regardless of what you hear in the news there are still mortgage programs which allow you to buy a home without having a huge down payment or perfect credit, you just have to know how to get them!

My name is Matthew Lee, as America’s Home Ownership Expert™, and one of the nation’s leading experts on helping people fulfill their financial potential. “I’ve always asked myself the hard questions.  Questions such as “How can we help more renters become successful homeowners?  How can we help renters not only buy a home, but how can we help them create a solid financial foundation upon which to build wealth & financial security for their families?  Why is this country in the financial mess that we are in?  Why were so many families simply “sold” a home by people that called themselves “financial professionals”? Why were so many scam artists able to get phony licenses as “financial professionals” and go out and make a quick buck at the expense of so many hard working American Families? Why haven’t more real financial professionals stepped up to help educate and empower more renters to grasp their “financial potential?”

I know that Americans want a better way, a way to buy a home that isn’t some high pressure sales pitch.   They want a simply a way to put themselves and their family in a more secure position financially.  I have started working with a hand full of families and have massive success.  It wasn’t easy – most families have never been taught how to properly manage their finances or credit.  Imagine trying to help someone shed old habits, habits that they have been using unsuccessfully for years, and finally get them thinking and acting the right way with their finances – that’s no easy task.

As a result of investing $100’s of thousands of dollars and 100’s of hours of brainstorming with some of the nation’s top thought leaders and business coaches we have put together one of the most comprehensive program to help empower renters that have been disenfranchised with the home ownership process in this country.  We created the Award Winning Program, The Path To Home Ownership Blueprint™.

You now have a chance to become one of the first pilot members of this program and as a result have your life and financial future changed forever!  This is one of the most frustrating real estate markets even for veteran real estate agents – why? These real estate agents have been trained with outdated approaches that worked before 2006.  Those approaches were “cookie cutter” & “one size fits all” approaches that only worked to sell you a home, but did not position you to build wealth and for the long run.  Today we have a new economy that require a customized approach with new solutions and a new mindset.  The only question you should be asking yourself is – do I want to continue on this road of financial stress, or do I want to take control with a proven process that is custom tailored to fit my specific situation?

The Path To Home Ownership Blueprint™ was created in the wake of the US credit crisis and mortgage meltdown for 3 reasons:

  1. To Empower People & Their Families
  2. Transform Lives
  3. Revitalize the Communities we live in

You don’t have to be discouraged because of the tightening of the mortgage and credit guidelines, we can help you with a customized plan to get from where you are now to reaching financial success and achieving your goals of home ownership and financial security.  The economy is changing and you must change too!  We provide the financial education that empowers you to not simply buy a home, but to create the financial foundation to create wealth and financial security.